Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Giving Away of Skye

I am sad (not) to say that that we gave Skye away. Actually we traded her. Well, that sounds kind of mean,'s not like she misses us now. And we certainly don't miss her.

But anyway, one of my mom's friends was nice enough to take Skye from us and give us one of her cats, named Snoopy (and she already knew how Skye was so mean, aggressive, and sneaky!).

Snoopy is really nice, and looks a lot like like Smokey, except he has shorter hair, and a longer tail (we think that part of Smokey's tail might have gotten taken off before we owned him *sad face*). He is a big improvement to Skye, my mom's friend was SO nice to do this!

I am writing this a little (a lot) late because I haven't been on here in a while. We got Snoopy maybe around last May or June.

This is a picture of Snoopy I captured. I think he is yawning, but it looks like he is winking. Anyhow, Snoopy is a wonderful improvement. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Scaredy Cat

When we first got Smokey, he was very scared of us and was not the sweet cuddly cat he is now.I am ashamed to say this, but me and my two siblings were chasing smokey down the hall. Yes, we were CHASING the poor kitty. He was heading down the hall to our parents room. Just as he was about to race in and get in the room and under the bed, we closed the door. Yes, we almost closed the door on that POOR KITTY. He skidded and slid on that tile floor, and POP! under the couch with Smokey. POOR KITTY!

I do feel bad for those poor cats when we scare them, but it sure is funny to watch them! (P.S. the pictures here are not our cats.)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shy Skye

This surprises me. Skye is usually not so bold as to venture into
this room. She is usually under a bed, or biting someone.

It's Silly Kitties!!!!

This blog is about my 2 cats, Skye and Smokey, and all the silly and funny stuff they do. Smokey is  about 9. He is a Himalayan. He has very long, brown,black,and white fur. He likes his tummy to be rubbed, and really likes it if you scratch under his chin. Skye is white except for her paws, her tail, her nose, and her ears, which are gray. She is about 5 months old. She has not gotten used to us yet; she runs away when we so much as look at her. We are always keeping all  doors shut, so she can not get in and under beds etc. and when we do get her, she always takes every chance she can to escape. Well, that's our cats.